Sunday, 21 February 2016

Welcome to My Fuji Life

I've been a photographer for years and in that time I've bought and sold various cameras and lenses. I've chased new technology and software and while I have taken pictures, I feel I lost my way as a photographer.
It was only when a relative recently asked me for some pictures of my children, that I realised that I'd recently taken very few pictures that were personal to me. I'd been shooting for clients, but not for myself. I had a bag of photography gear I never took anywhere unless I had to,and therefore I didn't take the pictures I wanted. I had fallen out of love with photography.
As this realisation hit home, I looked at what I could do, and discovered many other photographers were in a similar position. The answer seemed to lie in getting back to basics, simplifying equipment and work flow, and using a camera that made you focus on the images, that you wanted to take out with you wherever you go. While many manufacturers are chasing megapixels & future tech, only one seemed to really be designing cameras for photographers and listening to them. That is why I chose Fuji and the Fuji X100T.
I sold all my other equipment and have replaced it with a single camera with a fixed lens. This is my journey and these are my images. This is My Fuji Life.

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