Sunday, 28 February 2016


As well as buying a new camera, I recently joined a photography club to meet more like minded people with a love of photography.  I know clubs can be a bit of a Marmite subject ie you either love them or hate them but the one I am involved in is fun, relaxed and enjoyable.  We set a theme each month for a competition and this month it was reflections.

Firstly it was great to go out for an hour and focus on a theme as it made it much easier to "see" photographs.  Secondly it was a perfect opportunity to experiment with my X100T and I found the fixed focal length a real bonus because it was just one less thing to worry about so I could concentrate on my image and the settings.  I found I moved around my subjects more thing more about composition rather than just zooming in and out and it felt fun!

 I shot these three images in jpeg which is quite scary for someone who has shot in RAW for the last 6 years!  I did some processing in Lightroom and found the jpeg files to be very good to work with (not very technical I know but I look to the end result rather than how I got there!).

From using the camera there is clearly a lot more to it than I am using and it will take time to get the best out of it, that said I love the results I am getting and more importantly the way it makes me feel.

With the X100T, I feel I am in control.  I feel like I am creating the image and I really, really enjoy using it.  It sounds odd to form an emotional bond with a camera but that is what it does!  It makes me want to go out and shoot.  We're not at the point where I have named my camera, but it might not be far off!


To provide a bit of balance, it's not all perfect,  I am finding the WiFi feature a little bit slow and frustrating, this could be the camera, it could be my phone that I am transferring to.  It's still early days and hopefully I will get it working perfectly with the app over the coming weeks.

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